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The Flooring Dept., offers a team of true professional floor installers. Our craftsmen floor installation experts will help transform the look and atmosphere of your home or office to make it really stand out. We understand that the right floor creates a foundation for the whole interior and we strive to create genuine hardwood flooring masterpieces, anything from hardwood flooring to engineered and laminate. Depending on your specific needs, budget and installation area, our expert flooring consultants will help you choose the type of flooring and installation technique that will best suite your space

We take special care to keep your home clean and safe during the flooring installation process. We cover sensitive areas with plastic, and sanding tools are equipped with an automatic dust collection system. We also take every precaution to create an Eco-friendly work environment, by using non-toxic odorless, staining and lacquering materials.

Why Choose The Flooring Dept. for Installation of

Choosing the right installation company could is as important as selecting your materials , trust the best floor installers in Lexington for top quality and durability of your floors

  • Efficient Project Coordination - We coordinate the project from start to finish to meet working schedule and colaborate with other contractors
  • Exclusive Quality Guarantee - We are fully licensed and insured on our installation and repair work
  • Free On-site Estimate - We offer a no obligation on-site estimate with a demonstration of the flooring samples that we carry

Floor install Planning

Nothing can make your home or business look better, faster than fresh looking floors! Whether your floors need a little touch up, a complete resurfacing, or installation of brand new flooring, our experts can make it happen.

Call today to schedule your In-Home showing and we will bring the showroom to the comfort of your own home or office. Call Today!

Floor Refinishing we specialize in restoring all types of flooring to their original beauty. Whether your floors are just a little scratched up, need a heavy duty resurfacing, or need to be completely replaced, our experienced floor restoration specialists can help.